“Thelotterygenie.com” is a website that is going to allow you to get answers to your long awaited questions such as, “How Lucky is My Number?”, “What is the Luckiest Number?”, “Pick a Number For Me” and fun surveys to find out what others are thinking!

“Thelotterygenie.com” is a website that will ask you for certain criteria, such as, your state, your game and how far back to search.

The “Genie” will then perform a search on all the past winning numbers that match your request. On 3 and 4-digit games, you will receive answers listing all the valuable information including the date, day of week, which way the number presented itself.

This allows you to watch for patterns of significance, and find out if your number is hot or not, or which ones were the best.

On lottery games with 5, 6, or 10 numbers and both, Mega-Millions and Power Ball, games with a special ball, the genie will compare your numbers against the past winning numbers, to give you a tally of how many times your numbers came in as winners.

The genie will also be able to tell you which numbers were the best.

Your results will be printable, maybe you can use the Genie’s information to pick your next winner.